Open-Style Sink Fits a Closed-In Powder Room

Article excerpt

Q. I'm a single mother, and even though I've never picked up a pipe wrench, I'm a loyal fan of your plumbing column. I enjoy the articles about product information the best, and now I have a question about plumbing fixtures.

I'm going to have my small downstairs powder room done over. Presently there is a wall-hung sink, and I want a little more storage area. But it's a very small space, and a box-type vanity would be too bulky.

What can you recommend for a space-saving and functional sink for this area? Thanks in advance.

A. Let's see: You need extra shelving for storage and lots of open space under the sink so the powder room would not feel as closed in. This sounds like a job for a console table, like the kind used for a TV area, or in a front hallway. Of course, you wouldn't put a TV stand in a bathroom. So what can we find that holds up well in a moist environment, makes good use of open shelving and can also support a full-size lavatory sink and faucet?

The answer is a bathroom console table, and it may be the perfect choice for you.

Bathroom console tables are basically a framed support bracket that can be made out of wood and/or metal, with shelving made of glass or other material. Many of these console tables have built-in towel racks as well, making this a very functional fixture.

On top of the support cage, special countertop sinks can be locked into place to complete the unit. …