Ryan Reynolds Has Gone Green

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - There are many things that turn a man green-green with envy, green when riding a particularly wild roller coaster ride. But turning into a green superhero only happens to a select few.

Ryan Reynolds ("X-Men: Origins," "The Proposal") is the first actor to have been tapped to bring Green Lantern to the big screen. It could be a minor blessing, not to be compared to anyone who has come before him, but still, the actor knows he has an entire legion of fans watching his every move as Hal Jordan, the first human chosen to ever wear the ring.

Playing the dual role of the irreverent, high-flying Corps draftee Hal Jordan and his superhero-in-training counterpart, Reynolds says, "What I love about Hal is that there's nothing extra-ordinary about the guy." Reynolds adds, "Of course, he's not necessarily your average human being, in terms of what he does for a living, but for the most part, he's not an exceptional example of his species. He's just a guy, and a fairly irresponsible one at that, though there are, of course, reasons for his reckless behavior."

Apparently, Hal's personal issues stem back to his youth, most of which he purposely ignored, really, but being tapped to answer a higher calling has also forced upon him a little bit of introspection and self-examination. Aside from thinking how cool it is that he's been turned into a superhero, another though comes to mind, "Why me?"

But the filmmakers had no such questions about choosing Reynolds for the part. "Ryan is a superb actor," director Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") says. "He also physically looks the part, is charming, funny, and has a great sense of decency. I knew he could easily pull off both the undisciplined, shoot-from-the-hip maverick that is the Hal we first meet, and the fearless and focused fighter he'll have to become if he's to save the day. Ryan did it all; his performance really sets the tone for the movie."

Hal's most transforming moment comes when he recites the Green Lantern oath for the first time. "He's not really even cognizant of what he's saying, it just sort of comes out of his mouth, almost unbeknownst to him," Reynolds points out.

But the truth is, with Green Lantern having its own massive loyal fans, the actor has felt the weight on his shoulders. "Actually saying the oath for the first time was a little nerve-wracking," he reveals, "because it's something that a lot of people know inside-and-out, so I tried to handle it with kid gloves. …