You Could Say That Richard Kostopoulos Has His Head in the Cloud

Article excerpt

You could say that Richard Kostopoulos has his head in the Cloud.

More accurate, though, is that Kostopoulos is finding room for everyone in the Cloud.

As president of Warrenville-based NewGen Business Solutions, Kostopoulos has focused his business on bringing others into the world of CloudComputing.

And, as more companies are seeing the benefits of Cloud computing, they are becoming more accepting to the concept.

Cloud Computing, in simple terms, is having your company's data stored at a third-party site, which is then accessible through the Internet and managed through a Cloud-specific software system.

By having data stored off-site, the company does not have to deal with hardware and software issues, Kostopoulos notes, while the information can be accessed through secure means from anywhere in the world.

For the bottom line, could computing can mean real savings for a company, not only in terms of dealing with buying computers, servers and software, but also in down time as a result of system problems and IT service issues.

Kostopoulos simply refers to it as "lean computing."

"Everyone is just trying to find a better way to work," he said. "And the way to do that is to find better ways to work and leaner ways to work."

The Cloud has made running a business leaner and meaner by being able to handle all the core competencies of a company, which Kostopoulos listed as marketing functionality, customer service, financials and infrastructure. When the Cloud first appeared about five years ago, companies were only using it to store certain data. But new developments of business systems such as NetSuite -- a product that NewGen markets to its clients -- lets a company put all of its essential data off-site, from marketing and customer service to accounting and infrastructure.

"A sales person can put a lead into the system, it becomes an opportunity," Kostopoulos said. "You can then track the calls of the opportunity until it becomes a sale.

The sales order then can be put into the system, it can track the inventory and then put it in the general ledger."

In addition, having data on the Cloud allows a company to provide improved customer service through a secure portal that lets the customer track his account information and get information or send complaints.

"It sets up a case management that allows you to respond to them faster," he said.

Information is also collected in real time, and a business can access this information anywhere at any time through the Internet. …