Acuitas Medical Gets New Funding Boost for Early-Diagnosis Software; FINANCE WALES INVESTMENT WILL HELP DEVELOP PRODUCTS

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A SWANSEA-BASED magnetic resonance imaging software company, whose technology is pioneering early diagnosis of cancer, organ fibrosis and other diseases, has received another funding boost.

Last year Acuitas Medical, formerly known as Osteo-Tronix, secured a pounds 700,000 co-investment from Finance Wales and Altima Global.

It has now concluded another undisclosed fundraising round with Finance Wales, which will accelerate the development of its and patented MRI technology.

Acuitas Medical will use the investment to undertake further clinical validation and product development of its fineSA software prior to full commercialisation, along with quality assurance and regulatory processes.

Chief executive and co-founder Peter E Taylor said: "FineSA is a completely novel technology with the real potential to revolutionise the early diagnosis of a range of diseases of the liver, lung and brain, together with breast cancer and osteoporosis "It can accurately pinpoint the early signs of disease by measuring the fine structural changes that are early markers for disease which cannot be imaged by current MRI technologies."

He added: "FineSA can be very simply installed on any clinical or research MRI scanner without the need for additional hardware.

"It dramatically improves the scanner's performance by distinguishing small structural changes and will help radiologists to make more informed diagnoses."

Acuitas Medical's technology also has the potential to play an important role in pre-clinical research and drug development. …