Annex: Works of Frederick Richard Say (1804-68)

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Note that Some works in section (b) may duplicate works in section (a)

(a) Identified portraits

Acraman, Alice & Edith, b 1825 & 1827 resp. ('Little Wanderers'); e1832, Russell-Cotes Museum, Bournemouth

Aeraman, Mrs Maria (mother of above)

Adair, Mrs Shafto. Presumably Elizabeth Maria, wife of Sir Robert Shafto Adair (1786-1869) of Flixton Hall, Norfolk; RA 1848

Adams, General Sir Geo Pownall, KCH (1779-1856), Colonel of fire 6th Enniskillen Dragoons; c1835

Adelaide, Princess, of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen of William IV (1792-1849), in her coronation robes, Print by E Finden published in the Court Journal, 7 January 1832

Albert, Prince (1819-61), for presentation to University of Cambridge when Albert became Chancellor; RA 1849, Fitzwilliam Mus, Cambridge, and Govt Art Collection

Albert, Prince (1819-61), in the uniform of the Rifle Brigade (after Winterhalter); 1862, Royal Collection

Alfred, Prince (1844-1900), 2nd son of Queen victoria, later Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; 1860, National Library of South Africa

Amherst, Sir William Pitt, 1st Earl Amherst of Arracan (1773-1857); c1830, Christ Church, Oxford

Anderson, The Revd Sir Charles (17671846), of Lea, nr Gainsborough; RA 1838

Astell, William (1774-1847). Previously Thornton. Director of the East India Company 1800-46. Watercolour, c1834, British Library. Engraving by GR Ward after FR Say

Aubrey, Sir Thomas Digby, 7th Bt (1782-1856). Painted for the magistrates of Buckinghamshire; RA 1850, Buckinghamshire County Council. Mezzotint by JR Jackson

Bayly, Thomas Haynes (1797-1839), popular songwriter. Pencil & chalk, engraving after FR Say, 1831

Beaumont, Mrs, RA 1839

Beech., Edith, daughter of WA Beechey; c1849, RA 1850, sold 1995

Bernard, James, 2nd Earl of Bandon (1785-1856); c1838

Birch, John Newell (1775-c 1863), of Henley Park; RA 1851

Bird, William Wilberforce (1784-1857). Bengal Civil Service

Bouverie, Edward (1767-1858), of Delapre Abbey. PC

Bright, Richard (1789-1858), pathologist, holding a diagram and a medical jar; c1825, sold 2005

Bright, Richard (1789-1858), pathologist, holding book; c1838, Wellcome Collection and Royal College of Physicians, London. Engraving c1838 by H Cook

Bulkeley, Sir B Williams. Probably Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams-Bulkeley, 10th Baronet (1801-75), MP for Beaumaris; RA 1831

Bulteel, Emily (1839-92), daughter of John & Lady Elizabeth Bulteel, RA 1851

Bulteel, John Crocker (1790-1843)

Bulteel, Lady Elizabeth (1798-1880), 2nd daughter of Earl Grey, wife of above; RA 1830

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George Earle, 1st Baron Lytton (1803-73), novelist, poet, playwright, and politician, Stipple engraving by James Thomson after FR Say, 1831 (publ.)

Burrell, The Hon Lindsay. Probably The Hon Lindsey Merrick Burrell (1786-1848) of Stoke Park, Suffolk; 2nd son of Lord Gwydir; RA 1829

Butler, Anna, wife of John Mapleson, surgeon (married 1826)

Byron, Lady Anne Isabella (1792-1860), wife of Lord Byron (6th Baron Byron of Rochdale). Engraving after FR Say

Calmady, Charles Biggs (1791-1855), of Langdon Hall, Devon; 1830, sold 1996

Campbell, John, Viscount Emlyn, 2nd Baron Cawdor (1790-1860); RA 1849

Canning, The Rt Hon George (1770-1827). Engraving by FR Say

Chaplin, Caroline (nee Fane), b 1791, married Charles (below) in 1812; 1854, sold 1993

Chaplin, Charles (1786-1859), of Blankney, Lincs; 1854, sold 1993

ChiSholm, Duncan Macdonell, of Chisholm (The Chisholm) (1811-58); RA 1852

Clifford, Sir Augustus (William James), 1st Baronet, MP (1788-1877), Royal Navy officer (Admiral of the Red) and court official, usher of the Black Rod; RA 1842. Engraving 1844 by W Giller

Clive, Lady Lucy (nee Graham) (1793-1875), wife of Edward Clive, 2nd Earl of Powis; National Trust, Powis Castle

Cockburn, Sir James, 9th Bart (1771-1852); Governor of Bermuda 1811-19. …