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EMPOWERMENT4WOMEN: THE ONLINE MAGAZINE, at, is "dedicated to bringing the basic tenets of feminism to women and men of all ages and backgrounds." The magazine's mission is "to present feminist-hearted material without the shock factor. Rather, we present that which is reality, and then let our readership sit back and develop their own conclusions. After all, an empowered woman is, above all things, a woman who knows how to think for herself." Established in 2001; Carly Hope Finseth is the managing editor and publisher.

Content includes poetry, photography, advice from psychotherapists, commentary on emotional abuse as modeled on the TV show "The Honeymooners," a rant about Medicares coverage of penis enlargement pumps vs. insurance companies that won't cover contraception, a review of the film The Greatest Silence of All: Rape in the Congo, and information about the "Facing Feminism" project, a campaign to reclaim "the F-word."

The site structure is unclear for a supposed periodical; many articles are undated, what's currently on the home page is marked as "Issue #30" but has no date, and there's no apparent way to find anything else by issue or date. The links along the side to "Latest Feminist News" are all to, but there's no mention of the relationship between this magazine and that blog--and, to make things just a bit more confusing, Empowerment4Women also has a blog (in which entries are dated: the latest was posted on January 23, 2009).

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FEMINIST TECHNOSCIENCE. 2007-. ISSN: 1654-6792. Editors: Peter Giger, Rebecka Molin, & Lena Trojer, all at Sweden's Blekinge Institute of Technology. Editorial board draws from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Uganda. Peer-reviewed ("open peer review"). Free; online only. Frequency unclear (issue labeled "current" is dated 2008, but more articles were posted in 2009).

If you're conversant with or curious about cyborg feminism, the meaning of meaninglessness, or the work of Jean Baudrillard, you may want to follow this new journal, or even contribute to or review for it. Access couldn't be easier, as the journal is free to all at Understanding the text might be challenging (it certainly is for this newbie), especially given possible typos and the vagaries of Swedish-to-English translation, as in "This theme wish to put loci on how we can employ Baudrillard's thoughts on the real and the virtual so to more fully, or unintelligibly, understand our situatedness in technology based contexts. …