Don't Tamper with Wildlife Protection Law, Charity Urges; CONSERVATION

Article excerpt

WIRRAL conservation charity, the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, has expressed "deep concern" at the Government's decision to include all of the UK's 278 pieces of environmental legislation in a public "red tape" consultation.

The Red Tape Challenge asks the public to review the 21,000 pieces of Government regulation that currently exist, and highlight those laws or restrictions that they feel are holding back business, development and local communities.

Included in the consultation are some of the most long-standing pieces of environmental legislation, including the Wildlife & Countryside Act - first put on the statute books some 30 years ago. Also listed for debate are the Climate Change Act, the Clean Air Act and the National Parks Act.

First brought into law in 1981, the Wildlife & Countryside Act has helped to secure protection for some of the UK's rarest wildlife, with the protection of wild birds eggs one of the most notable and often high-profile examples of the law being put into practice.

The Act also secured thousands of sites for wildlife protection known as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, or SSSIs - ensuring rare plants and animals are protected. …