GOBBY WILLIAMS; Foul-Mouthed Robbie Rap over Seedy Antics on Stage

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THE Take That tour may be a complete sell-out - but the Robbie Williams' solo section has caused a mini-walkout.

Families have stormed off in protest at his foul-mouthed outbursts and crude gestures, which they say don't fit with the rest of the family-friendly show.

The singer, 37, emerged on stage for his five-song solo stint on Tuesday night at Wembley Stadium and said: "Can't believe you're f****** here."

He then imitated rolling a cannabis joint before repeatedly sticking two fingers up at the rain-drenched crowd.

The star, who gets to play on his own every night on the Progress tour while his bandmates remain backstage, then said: "Let me introduce myself, my name is Robbie f****** Williams."

Launching into Rock DJ, he then thrust his hand down his trousers and later said: "Taxi for Robbie. I'd like to get fake tan on my hands and touch a few breasts."

In case anyone missed the message, he then added: "I want to make you all horny and menstrual."

It's not the first time he's blurted out something controversial on the tour. During a previous show he said: "I just did coke and slept with a whore - but that's what super-injunctions are for."

One fan, Julie Smith, from London, said: "I had to put my hands over my daughters' ears. It was disgusting.

"He spoilt it for the rest of the band, who are true professionals, with all the attention-seeking and histrionics.

"It got to the point where we left during his segment and came back again when he was off."

Another dad said: "You shouldn't have to hear the f-word so many times in front of your kids. …