Teenage Pervert Attacked His Foster Family's Children

Article excerpt

Byline: Daily Mail Reporter

A SOCIAL worker was struck off yesterday for placing a teenage paedophile with a foster family - where he carried out sex attacks on their two children.

Julian Swan failed to tell the family the 19-year-old had a history of 'sexually inappropriate behaviour' with children, a disciplinary hearing was told.

It heard Swan, 51, failed to check social service case notes on the teenager before sending him to the family in 2008. The teenager went on to rape the couple's two-year-old son and molested their nine-year-old daughter while staying under their roof. The mother, giving evidence through a video link, said: 'I specifically asked Mr Swan if the teenager posed a risk to us as a family.

'Mr Swan's response was that he poses no risk whatsoever.' The family were told he had 'sexual contact' with a girl at a hostel - but that it was brushed over.

The mother said: 'Mr Swan said he had been informed by a hostel worker the girl was promiscuous and had let him into her room. It was presented to us as an isolated incident.' The couple agreed to look after the teenager hoping he could be a 'big brother' to their two children.

They were not told he had sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl, exposed himself and touched a young boy sexually at a care hostel and faced other allegations of 'sexually inappropriate behaviour' with a young boy. …