Mrs Clegg: Nick Kills Himself to Do School Run

Article excerpt

Byline: Gerri Peev Political Correspondent

NICK Clegg's wife Miriam has revealed how the Deputy Prime Minister 'kills himself' to fit the school run around his Cabinet responsibilities.

Mrs Clegg - who uses her maiden name Gonzalez Durante - said her husband often returns to their home in leafy South West London after early morning meetings in time to take their children to class.

'Nick kills himself to be able to do it all,' said the mother of three. 'Either one or the other [of us will take them] on different days.' She added that the couple largely split the childcare equally: 'We absolutely think it is right that our children come first.' Mrs Clegg said they also have a 'fantastic nanny' to help look after Antonio, nine, Alberto, seven, and Miguel, two.

A senior partner in global law firm DLA Piper, Mrs Clegg is a self-confessed feminist after discovering at the age of eight that women in her native Spain had to get permission from their husbands or fathers to travel and could not open bank accounts on their own. …