Anne Curtis on Manila Zoo Issue: 'Something Must Be Done'

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - TV host-actress Anne Curtis believes that something should be done to improve the condition of the Manila Zoo.

"Looking at their (Manila Zoo) website now...Maybe we can all help out... They need volunteers.. Donations.... We can also help out in our own little way," read one of her tweets on July 13 regarding the issue.

In an earlier tweet, also on Wednesday, Anne lamented the sad plight of the zoo animals as chronicled by a certain blogger.

Sympathizing with the "poor animals," Anne said, "something has to be done about this."

"They don't deserve to be there. They're better off back in the wild. It's so cruel," she added.

The blogger's entry, which quickly went viral since it was posted last July 12, had photos (dating back from 2008 to 2010, the blogger noted) of several animals featured in the zoo including a "malnourished" horse, a wounded rabbit and an ostrich with a bleeding eye. It also cited the alleged filth within the tiger enclosure and the cramped habitat of Mali the elephant, the zoo's main attraction, to name some.

The actress deemed that if funding is a problem, "they should just let the animals go."

However, Anne also expressed worry with the animals being returned to their original habitat.

"The question though is how will these animals survive if they don't know how to live in the wildlife anymore? It's so sad. Something must be done," she stressed.

She also felt that "Manila Zoo is way to small for an elephant and a Tiger they should be set free :("

Anne then broached an idea to her 1.4 million followers "to help out the manila zoo." Apparently, she received a lot of positive response, as seen in her tweet:

"Will update you all when there's a solid plan. So happy to see so many game to help out!"

Anne recently visited the Manila Zoo and took pictures of the animals,as reported on "Unang Hirit" on July 15.

Anne herself tweeted about it on July 14.

"Just visited Manila Zoo with @candifier @DivinemLee & @victorbasa nice to visit a place from my childhood :)," she posted.

PETA reacts

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has reacted on the controversy by launching a petition to close the zoo.

"Napakalupit nito sa mga hayop. Kung titingnan mo, 'yung tubig nila, 'yung iniinuman nila ng tubig karamihan puro lumot. Tapos pinapakain lang, lalo na si Mali, pinapakain siya ng isang loaf ng bread sa loob ng isang araw, na kung titingnan mo hindi ito 'yung talagang kinakain ng mga elepante," PETA Campaign Coordinator Katrina Lugartos lamented to "Unang Hirit" in an interview aired Friday. …