Wanted,computer Wizard to Help Give Bra Models a Touch of Class

Article excerpt

Byline: Jane Simpson

SHE has vowed never to accept any 'airbrushed' pictures of models to help sell her underwear brand.

And even when she herself stripped down for a daring lingerie shoot, Michelle Mone insisted the images were unaltered - except for the modest removal of a small bruise.

But now the 39-year-old appears to have slightly softened her line on computer wizardry - by advertising for a 'talented retoucher' to work in her firm's design department.

The MJM International boss wants a 'highly creative' computer expert to put a gloss on pictures destined for brochures, packaging and instore signage.

Her advert for the freelance post states the successful candidate must have 'exceptionally strong skills' in Photoshop - the computer program used in airbrushing. However, the new position at her company, based in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, appears to be at odds with her previous condemnation of airbrushing.

Two years ago the Ultimo creator, who recently shed over six stone, claimed the practice had 'gone way past the line'.

The mother-of-three decided to ban computer fakery to make models appear picture perfect after her then ten-year-old daughter Bethany said she needed to diet.

'I think there has always been a bit of airbrushing in our industry, to get rid of a slight blemish or maybe where the garment was too big - small things. But now it has gone way past the line,' Mrs Mone said.

Speaking about a shocking adapted picture for Ralph Lauren, which showed model Filippa Hamilton with a tiny waist, she said: 'It is not only taking airbrushing to new extremes but it's a shocking presentation of the female form. …