Egypt Boils Over

Article excerpt

A NEWSWEEK/DAILY BEAST poll of Egyptian voters portends trouble for the West with this fall's elections approaching in Egypt.


Resentment of the United States Egyptians rightly feel that they overthrew Hosni Mubarak on their own, and that's evident in their outlook on other countries: less than one quarter think that the U.S., regional ally Saudi Arabia, media power Qatar, or regional rival Iran had the best interests of the Egyptian people in mind during the revolution. Will such sentiments be forgotten by the new government?


Growing Power An incredibly diffuse set of nascent political parties--more than a dozen registered some support in our survey--spells opportunity for the Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party scored a plurality of support (17 percent). More ominously, just 35 percent said that a Muslim Brotherhood majority would be a bad thing (27 percent said it would be good; 38 percent weren't sure). Such results might explain theEgyptian military's recent moves to assert its role going forward.


Peace Deal Under Siege Egyptians' antipathy toward Israel was palpable. Only 3 percent of those surveyed had a positive impression of the neighboring state, only 2 percent said Israel cares about Egypt's interests, and a mere 1 percent said Israel had responded to the recent revolution in a positive way. …