Analysing the Problem; Careers in ... Psychotherapy Emma Thompson Discovers How Psychotherapists Can Help People Deal with Distress

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Byline: Emma Thompson

What does a career as a psychotherapist involve? Psychotherapists use a variety of psychological methods and talking therapies to help clients relieve symptoms of distress.

As a psychotherapist, your approach would be broadly based on a core theoretical model of psychotherapy.

You would encourage clients to talk about their experiences, which would lead to analysing past events and behaviours so changes can be made.

What skills are needed? You need empathy, sensitivity, strong communication skills and good listening and questioning skills. A non-judgmental approach is essential.

What training do you need? Many employers will prefer you to be registered with an organisation such as the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) or British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).

Your route to qualifying may vary, the UKCP has divided the main approaches into: analytical psychology; behavioural and cognitive psychology; experiential constructivist; family, couple, sexual, systemic therapy; humanistic and integrative; psychotherapy; hypno-psychotherapy; psychoanalytic and psychodynamic; psychoanalyticallybased therapy with children. To gain access to the UKCP register, you need: a postgraduate-level qualification in psychotherapy from a UKCPapproved training provider, or membership with a UKCPapproved organisation. …