Cita Astals Works as Community Organizer for Water Distribution Company

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - Former Manila councilor Cita Astals is picking up the pieces of her life, working now in a field far from showbiz and politics.

"I'm working part-time with a water distribution company. Ako ay community organizer so I do the chika. Bongga... mga bahay-bahay na 'yan," shared the former actress on "Showbiz Central," Aug. 7.

Cita, who now lives in a condo unit in Paranaque, related the details of her journey last year where she was reported to have been walking aimlessly in the streets, looking disheveled.

"Yung lakad ako nang lakad everyday was because I [didn't] want to stay at home because binabato-bato 'yung bahay ko ng mga kung sinong mga goons doon na mga bata. Tapos 'yung bahay ko ninanakawan araw-araw, not araw-araw... actually, regularly, three times a week. This was for months. Wala nang natira, sa totoo lang," she shared.

Cita related that after her hospitalization, "Lumabas ako ng hospital ang dala ko 'yung bag ko, my bag of clothes that I used in the hospital."

Claiming that was all she had left to her name, she added, "'Yung natira na gamit ko sinira lahat and my friend just sold it. The house was taken over and then my stuff was disposed off. I was left with nothing."

She continued, "I was really harassed also. Ang aking kapatid ay pinadampot ako. Suddenly I found myself inside this hospital and then they told me 'your sister wants you checked for drugs, whatever it is... what's wrong with you.'"

The tests results were good, nevertheless, as Cita shared, "my body is, well, from head to foot... negative ang drugs, negative ang any illness."

However, the doctors diagnosed the actress as bipolar. …