Summer's Biggest Winners

Article excerpt

It's been a brutal couple of months. From an 83-year-old poet to a 22-year-old actress, see who came out of the season shining bright and sitting pretty.


Age: Both 29

Accomplishment: Marriage

Quote: "We should get you a pair of these" (Kate urging Will to buy leather chaps).

Side gig: Visiting parts of empire, taking in Canadian rodeo

Prospects: King and queen

Sidelined: Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Ephemera: Kate does her own grocery shopping

Faux pas: British fashion grande dame Vivienne Westwood says Kate is messing up her eye makeup


Age: 22

Accomplishment: Stealing the show in three summer blockbusters

Quote: "I think Judd Apatow is who I owe most everything to."

Side gig: Pretty face for Revlon

Prospects: Heating up next Spider-Man vehicle

Sidelined: Lindsay Lohan

Ephemera: Palling around with Social Network's Andrew Garfield

Faux pas: Cat Fancy could be the only mag cover she's skipped


Age: 57

Accomplishment: In September, will become the first female executive editor of The New York Times

Quote: "I certainly don't want to be in a war with [Arianna Huffington]."

Side gig: Her book The Puppy Diaries comes out in October

Prospects: Looming target for media cranks

Sidelined: Bill Keller

Ephemera: Was hit by a truckin 2007

Faux pas: Drew ire from conservatives when she called the Times her "religion"


Age: 83

Accomplishment: New U.S. poet laureate

Quote: "I've only been doing this 60-some years."

Side gig: Held first job as teen in Detroit car factory

Prospects: Gets $35,000 this year to promote poetry

Sidelined: W. S. Merwin

Ephemera: Won Pulitzer Prize

Faux pas: Before embracing poetry, had a number of "stupid jobs"


Age: 53

Accomplishment: Passing gay marriage in New York

Quote: "New York made a powerful statement, not just for the people of New York, but for people all across this nation. …