HOW LONG BEFORE AN IDIOT LIKE THIS HURTS SOMEONE? Fears for Safety of Children after Hooded Youth Is Snapped Pulling Wheelies Yards from Playground

Article excerpt

Byline: Clare Hutchinson

THIS hooded bike rider was photographed pulling illegal and dangerous wheelies just metres from a children's playground.

The callous rider is one of a growing number of youths using motocross bikes, known as scramblers, to terrorise residents of a Cardiff neighbourhood.

The pictures were captured by a photographer at Rumney Recreation Ground on Thursday - as the popular park was packed with campaigners celebrating their victory in overturning plans to build a school on the land.

As the Echo reported yesterday, Cardiff council has dropped plans to build a controversial new high school on the park after a four-year battle with residents, which set it back pounds 500,000.

Police yesterday appealed for those who recognise the bike rider to come forward.

One park user, who saw the rider but did not want to be named, said: "I heard a loud noise and he tore through the park, down a path that went right past a skate park and metres from a children's playground.

"There were lots of kids around.

"I was there until about 8pm and he must have been riding around for about an hour and a half.

"He was very brazen - riding up and down the roads around the park and coming across through the leisure centre car park.

"He even went inside the skate park."

Councillor John Ireland, who was in the park with members of the Rumney Recreation and Eastern Leisure action group (Rreel), said youths on scramblers had been plaguing the streets of Rumney, Llanrumney and St Mellons for months.

The Conservative councillor for Rumney said: "I believe the police have been told not to chase them any more because of the risk of an accident involving a member of the public.

"I'm quite annoyed that the police cannot do anything about it, but there is only so much they can do.

"We call them whenever we hear the bikers in the area but it is difficult for them to get there in time. …