Elderly Failed by Half of Our Hospitals and Care Homes; Daily Mail CAMPAIGN; DIGNITY FOR THE ELDERLY

Article excerpt

Byline: Sophie Borland Health Reporter

HALF of our hospitals and care homes are failing to look after patients, a damning report warns.

Shockingly, nurses at some institutions are serving up people's evening meals at 3pm - just because it is more convenient, inspectors found.

And several hospitals do not have enough nurses on wards to feed or wash patients, or help move them to prevent bedsores.

The critical report by the Care Quality Commission watchdog found that, in some hospitals, patients are wheeled away to have major surgery without doctors properly explaining details of the operation and the potential risks.

In addition, nurses arrive unannounced at elderly patients' bedsides and strap blood pressure monitors to their arms without saying what they are doing.

In a further example of the poor standards, it was noted that pills may be dumped in front of patients but nobody tells them what the medication is for or why it must be taken.

Campaigners warned that the basic care of the most vulnerable in society was being 'cast aside' as it was deemed 'too costly or difficult'. This latest report is further evidence of the poor treatment and neglect of the elderly in hospital wards and care homes.

The Daily Mail has long called for an end to this appalling standard of care as part of our Dignity for the Elderly Campaign.

Of the 137 hospitals visited by inspectors at the CQC in the last year, 49 per cent were found to be failing basic standards of care and wellbeing.

Nursing staff were found to be taking patients' blood pressure or carrying out other readings without telling them what they were doing. …