Mother City?

Article excerpt

IT took a Cape Times team just 90 minutes to get a picture of the grim reality of crime and drug use in Delft.

Delft is one of the areas in the Western Cape where drug-related crime has soared, surging from 1 086 cases in 2009-2010 to 2 121 in 2010-2011.

Police say this reflects better policing, rather than increased drug use, and this may well be true, but in their brief visit to the area, reporter Caryn Dolley and photographer Brenton Geach were plunged into a world where tik, "buttons" and crime are so much a part of life as not even to warrant comment.

The team had intended to spend at least a day following up the crime statistics released last week. But within minutes of arriving they had met several tik users, a gangster and his friends, witnessed a robbery and heard first hand just how difficult it is to live under the constant threat of crime.

"It's terrible. People get robbed all the time but we just watch," said one young man.

"We have to take our jewellery off because they pull it right off," a woman added.

They talk almost with nonchalance about the teenager who lived nearby and who is thought to have died of a drug overdose; of the man who was robbed in a field and the other who was shot just down the road. …