Angry Stofland Residents Demand Answers from MPs

Article excerpt

FOR the long-suffering poor of Stofland, a rare visit by top MPs would have presented an ideal opportunity to vent frustrations and seek answers.

But they had merely a glimpse of members of the National Council of Provinces and the Western Cape Legislature before the delegation left a residents meeting in a rush.

An impoverished shackland in De Doorns, Stofland became notorious for xenophobia and violence against Zimbabweans brought to the rural Western Cape town near Worcester by labour brokers to be employed at lower rates on farms than the locals they replaced.

Earlier in the day, the delegation visited the Thusong Service Centre in Zwelethemba, Worcester, which isin a state of disrepair, and were met by an angry community demanding answers.

Vuyiswa Malgas, a Stofland resident, complained about the living conditions at the informal settlement.

"People were removed from their shacks to live in Stofland but when we moved here, our shacks would become flooded when it rained," Malgas said.

Vuyiseka Gcetywa, another resident, also complained about the lack of electricity in the area.

"We've got shacks here which aren't connected to the electricity grid, and this can cause fires because people are sharing illegal connections," Gcetywa said. …