Gore's Bore-a-Thon; Day-Long Internet Slide Show Fails to Excite the Planet

Article excerpt


According to Al Gore's website, millions tuned in to watch the 24-hour global warming filibuster that concluded Thursday. Few were moved to anything but laughter.

Mr. Gore's publicity stunt was intended to explore the reality of global climate change with a webcast from 24 separate time zones across the planet. What handfuls of viewers actually saw was the same hectoring Powerpoint lecture repeated through the course of an entire day. The message drummed in over and over was that mankind's collective exhalations have been causing cataclysms. This slide show, which in varying forms - the variations being representative of the varying regions that have hosted presentations over the past 23 hours - is designed to present that reality, said Mr. Gore during his final sermon Thursday. Riveting.

Images of flooding in Australia, China, Colombia, India, Pakistan, South Korea were used to illustrate the perils awaiting the planet, as if such natural disasters had never happened before the invention of the internal combustion engine. …