Is the Duchess of Cambridge a Style Icon? DEBATE

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SO WHAT if America isn't impressed by our Duchess of Cambridge (Mail). I wasn't that keen on former First Lady Laura Bush's trouser suit on the day they commemorated 9/11.

The Duchess is a pretty girl from Middle England and she married Prince William who, by the way, isn't the current heir to the throne. She has no interest in being a style icon.

As Duchess of Cambridge, she will certainly be an ornament, but as an educated woman she will certainly do her bit.

The frock she wore to Hollywood wasn't worth a bus ticket to Acton, but this isn't important -- and nor is what America thinks of her.

ANNE WOOLFE, Biddenden, Kent.

WHAT great news; the Americans don't think that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is stylish enough to be an American fashion icon. Well if that isn't an endorsement of her good taste, I don't know what is.

A real style icon, such as the young Duchess, takes bits of a season and adapts them to suit her physique, taste and needs, whereas the madcap A-list ladies follow them to the last detail -- together with a U. …