Teachers Work Fewer Hours Than English for Same Pay

Article excerpt

Byline: Alan Roden Scottish Political Correspondent

TEACHERS in Scotland work fewer hours than their English counterparts for roughly the same pay, according to a new report.

Experts at the University of Stirling have revealed that teachers in Scotland calculated their paid working week to be just under 43 hours, compared to more than 44 hours in England.

On both sides of the Border, adults in other professions said they put in longer hours, with an average figure of 46 hours in Scotland.

Teachers did claim to put in a lot of unpaid overtime but their working week in Scotland was still shorter than other parts of the UK.

The report also suggested that teachers - who are planning to strike over pension reform - earn more than most professionals.

The findings were rejected yesterday by union leaders.

But the Pay and Conditions of Scotland's Teachers study, led by Professor David Bell, of Stirling, highlighted the generous working arrangements enjoyed in schools.

'Average hours of work reported by Scottish teachers are lower than those reported by teachers in the rest of the UK or other professional groups throughout the UK,' the report states. …