Need Legal Advice? Ask the Experts; the Law Society Advertising Feature

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MOST of us need expert legal help at some time in our lives. The law can be complicated and changes regularly, so it''s important to get the best advice you can from the experts - that''s where a solicitor comes in.

When you're in need of advice on a matter relating to property, finance or even family tension, it can be tempting to search for a quick solution by visiting an unregulated advice provider.

But for legal advice that you can rely on, contact a specialist solicitor who will ensure the correct documentation is in place and that no important issues have been overlooked.

A firm of solicitors may offer services in a wide range of legal subjects, including buying a home, making a will, setting up in business, renting out your property, getting a divorce and making a personal injury claim, as well as probate and financial matters for the elderly.

All solicitors in private practice must hold a SPLIT: Legal invaluable practising certificate issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the independent regulator (set up by the Law Society) which sets the rules that all solicitors must follow. This guarantees that the solicitor is qualified to practise and has insurance to protect you if anything goes wrong.

Solicitors also have strict complaints procedures in place. Should they not provide a solution on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, solicitors are also under the jurisdiction of the Legal Ombudsman, who can handle your complaint, while customers who use many unregulated legal service providers, such as non-solicitor will writers, will not be able to turn to the Ombudsman with their complaint. …