The Low Carbon Research Institute Offers Free Business Management Help; ADVERTISING FEATURE

Article excerpt

COMPANIES working in the low carbon sector have a great deal of support available in Wales. Government funded projects like the Low Carbon Research Institute, not only provide freely available world class research across the whole low carbon/renewable energy spectrum, but also can help companies improve their business management systems as well.

All companies have to comply with a range of legislation, and increasingly companies have to show potential customers that they have strong management systems in place, before they can tender for contracts, or pass stringent procurement criteria. LCRI can offer free support to SMEs to improve their management systems - in particular around Environment Management and Equality and Diversity. This support is completely free, bespoke and available on a company by company basis. Companies can have as much support or as little as they need.

There are a range of environmental standards available to work with, including ISO 14001, Green Dragon etc. Benefits of working to such standards include better use of resources, financial benefits as waste is driven down, increased competitiveness, reduction in some insurances, and better regulatory compliance.

Equality and diversity legislation has recently been passed, which changes employers' responsibilities as well.

Now the burden of proof is with the employer to prove that no breach of regulations has been made, and not the person who brings a complaint.

Employees can now claim discrimination if they feel they have been disadvantaged because of their disability, age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. …