What Happens If Chris Christie Gets In?

Article excerpt

Byline: David A. Graham

A snapshot of how the New Jersey governor is roiling the presidential landscape.

Oh, hi!

AApparently, I actually have to commit suicide to convince people I'm not running.A

--One of Christie's many unheeded denials


The honeymoon is over for the Texas governor. Christie will be every conservative activist's new sweetheart--at least until they discover his moderate record. The silver lining for Perry: he'll no longer be the target in debates.


Did we mention that Christie is fond of a hearty meal? Letterman and Jay Leno are salivating at the potential punchlines Christie would provide. Unfortunately for everyone else, the fat jokes will get excessive by day six or so.


No one has worked harder to get Christie to run than the Home Depot founder. With Christie running, Langone could end up with Tim Geithner's job or a broken heart. Either way, he'll be out a big chunk of cash. …