Will Foxy Spare a Thought for the Kerchers? Are You Thinking What She's Thinking?

Article excerpt

Byline: JAN MOIR

FOR Amanda Knox and her family, a bright future beckons at last. Knox is out of jail, liberated from the courts and the torments of the Italian legal system, back in her homeland with her loved ones. With one bound she was free, despite the last-minute grumblings of at least one Italian judge.

As she landed in Seattle this week, Knox was radiant and emotional. She said that all she wants now is a simple life. To reconnect with her family. To lie in the grass. To celebrate her 21st birthday, even if those celebrations are three years too late. Still, lucky her.

For poor Meredith Kercher's still-grieving parents, there is to be no respite from the horror of this murder and its awful aftermath. For them, the agony goes on.

I can't help but wonder what they must have thought watching the young woman who was convicted, then cleared of their daughter's murder -- along with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito -- as she made a short speech at Seattle airport shortly after touching down.

What an incredible journey of despair and elation Amanda Knox has been through.

YET her reception in the U.S. was surprisingly low-key. No homecoming queen she.

As always in such situations, there was an expectation of triumphalism and celebration -- although, thank goodness, there was not too much of that. In the end, restraint and good taste seemed to prevail, although how long that will last is anyone's guess.

Yet for at least the first few days, there was little in the way of festivity. Despite the global publicity, only a handful of people with placards turned up at the airport. There were a few 'welcome home' banners in the Knox neighbourhood, then Knox was spirited away, out of public view. Into the void, to speak on her behalf, came lawyers and publicity agents. For Amanda and her family, now it's all about the money.

Sooner rather than later, she'll sell her story. Her lawyer says she has a 'great appreciation' of the international clamour for her tale and added that she was strong and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Thank goodness for that, because the bills are apparently mounting. There appears to be a $1 million legal bill to be paid, despite that lurking, mysterious wealthy benefactor. He or she has been bankrolling the Free Amanda campaign, and for the victors, it is all systems go. …