Do Faith Schools Have a Place in Today's Society? DEBATE

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WE'RE told 'we live in a secular society' (Letters) -- but do we? Secularists might wish it were true, but it isn't; we've been a Christian society for a very long time and a recent survey indicated that almost 70 per cent of adults in this country consider themselves Christian.

The education system in this country; criminal and civil law; hospitals and science methodology, to name but a few, all grew out of the Christian church.

A huge number of under-privileged children over the past 250 years or so would not have received any education at all had it not been for Christian institutions and the Sunday School movement.

Faith schools, to a very large degree, are doing what the comprehensive system is supposed to do but which many have failed to achieve. Isn't it then a bit of a Luddite solution to criticise the schools producing good results rather than trying to bring the other schools up to their level? Why are parents struggling to get their children into faith (Christian) schools? I'm sure we all know the answer.

BRUCE BUDD, Pudsey, Leeds. …