The First Love of Jobs's Life

Article excerpt

Laurene Powell Jobs is warm, funny, socially engaged, and intensely private. Meet the apple of the great genius's eye.

You've fallen in love with the genius future billionaire and married him. How do you then live? You can devote yourself, like Mrs. Bill Gates, to being a partner in his global philanthropic problem-solving. You can abide quietly near Seattle, like Mrs. Jeff Bezos, and write novels to some critical acclaim. You can enjoy the high-profile life of alpha-tech glamour, like Mrs. Larry Page. Or you can choose the fiercely protective path of Laurene Powell Jobs. Keep Steve from being eaten alive. Nurture friends and family. And when the camera does happen to find you, always look carelessly beautiful.

They met in a classroom at Stanford University in 1990, where he was lecturing and she was finishing an MBA. They exchanged phone numbers, but didn't make plans. Later, in the parking lot, he had a revelation. He was on his way to meet colleagues--even had his key in the car--but, as Jobs told a New York Times reporter, "I thought to myself, If this is my last day on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman? …