NLC's Economic Development Conference to Focus on Practical Solutions: One of Four Concurrent Conferences at the 2011 Congress of Cities

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NLC's Economic Development Conference at the Congress of Cities, November 10-12 in Phoenix, will help city leaders find economic development solutions. Whether it is supporting entrepreneurs, growing businesses on main street or attracting investment from around the globe, attendees will learn from the challenges, successes and real-world experiences of cities from across the country.

With a reengineered format and targeted topics, NLC is excited to offer a full lineup of workshops and learning opportunities. The conference also provides a unique atmosphere for elected officials and staff to learn together, get on the same page about critical economic development issues and be better -equipped to translate new ideas into action back home.

The Economic Development Conference will offer local leaders tools and resources to build strong, globally competitive local economies. The conference will include:

Workshops: The Economic Development workshops will cover a range of important topics ranging from small business development to international investment and downtown density, and will feature peers and experts from all levels of government, academia and the private sector including:

* Richard Conlin, city council president, Seattle

* Lesia Bates Moss, president/ CEO at LBM & Associates

* Karyn Page, president/CEO, Kansas World Trade Center, Inc.

* Barry Broome, president and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

* Peter Meade, director, Boston Redevelopment Authority

* Barry, Bluestone, dean, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University

* Fatima Shama, commissioner, Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, New York

Peer Networking Sessions: Every participant at the Congress of Cities brings a unique perspective to the challenges facing cities. Get to know each other through networking opportunities designed to help you share insights, exchange ideas and make connections.

General Sessions: Exciting general sessions will kick off and close the conference and feature experts and leaders from across the country, including pioneering urban economist Edward L. Glaeser, NBC News analyst and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and ecoentrepreneur Majora Carter.

Mobile Workshops: The Phoenix area is home to some of the most innovative economic development programs in the country. …