Communication Leadership

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - On Monday, the 2011 Titus Brandsma Award Philippines will be conferred on two outstanding Filipinos - Asuncion David Maramba, for leadership in communication and literature, and Kara Patria Constantino David, for leadership in journalism. The Award is the country's version of the international Titus Brandsma Award of the Union Catholique Internationale dela Presse (UCIP), the Dutch Bishops' Conference, and the Dutch Carmel Province.

Initiated by the Order of Carmelites through its media ministry, the Award recognizes Filipino journalists and community media that best epitomize the life and principles of Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Catholic priest, journalist, educator, and mystic, whose dedication to press freedom and right to education earned him the crown of martyrdom. He was arrested, tortured, and killed by lethal injection in 1942. In 1985, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

As Chair of the TBAP Board consisting of Business World Chair Vergel Santos, Prof. Bobbie Malay, Rev. Bernard Roosendaal, and Rev. Christian Buenafe, I consider as fortuitous the nomination of these two awardees who exemplify the desired attributes of communication leaders for our times. Since the Award was launched eight years ago, the Board had felt that the TBAP must endeavor to complement existing awards.

This meant responding to perceived gaps, expanding the scope to include other arts - music, literary, performance - giving equal focus to non-traditional roles such as planning and management, research, teaching, and emphasis on vision and personal values as reflected in one's use of media in developing a more humane, just, and thinking society

Prof. Asuncion David Maramba was nominated for "courage in extolling the heroism of those who opposed the Marcos dictatorship by conceptualizing and editing three landmark books; courage in dealing with issues of the Institutional Church toward reform and renewal; consistency and sobriety and clarity on issues she writes about; and commitment, despite poison pen reactions that call her a heretic, for opening minds and speaking up in the midst of deafening silence; and for underscoring the urgency for critical thinking. …