Condi's Quick Takes

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Condi on Rummy

Don and I did tangle in front of others. After one such episode the two of us were walking side by side through the Rose Garden portico.

I turned to Don and asked, "What's wrong between us?"

"I don't know," he said. "We always got along. You're obviously bright and committed, but it just doesn't work."

Bright? That, I thought to myself, is part of the problem. Don had been more comfortable in the old days, when he was the senior statesman championing my career. A relationship between equals was much harder for him.

9/11 Standoff

"Mr. President," I said, "stay where you are. You cannot come back here." Frank Miller, my trusted senior director for defense policy and arms control, was standing next to me. "Tell him he can't come back."

"I know," I said. I then did something that I never did again. I raised my voice with the President and in a tone as firm as I could possibly muster, I said, "Mr. President, you cannot come back here. …