Those Enlightened in the Field of Library and Information Science Describe a Library as a Collection of Knowledge Sources Housed in One Place for People to Come and Research and Enlighten Themselves

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Those enlightened in the field of library and information science describe a library as a collection of knowledge sources housed in one place for people to come and research and enlighten themselves.

A library is a living organism that keeps growing. It is this organism that most of our South African schools lack, hence the high failure rate.

The presence of a library at a school brings with it a number of advantages, both to the pupils and their mentors. The most visible of these advantages will be to make textbooks available to both pupils and teachers. Instead of having a situation where teachers and pupils share information sources, librarians are the best people to look for such materials to avoid such shortage of textbooks. Librarians are also trained to be able to share information sources when they are in short supply.

School discipline also benefits from the presence of a library. The library is one place which operates on total rules and regulations and among its toughest rules is the maintaining of silence. …