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ANDY FLOWER will take spin specialist batsmen on England's next tour of India to avoid a third successive whitewash.

It is only 14 months until England are back in India for a seven-match one-day series that has every chance of becoming another 'brownwash' unless alternative players and methods are found.

That is what the locals have dubbed the 5-0 thrashing, with bowlers like Ravindra Jadeja (right) and Ravichandran Ashwin causing havoc.

Flower is so fed up with England's failure he has promised a complete overhaul of approach to one-day cricket in this part of the world.

Some players, like Craig Kieswetter and Ravi Bopara, have patently not been up to scratch during this two-week horror show, while Ian Bell cannot be considered the white knight in conditions he has never thrived in.

"We have got to look back at selection," said Flower. "Also our training methods, then take the lessons from that. Obviously we all weren't good enough out here.

"Certainly we can pick players who are specialists at playing spin.

Perhaps we have to look at that for the next time we come here. We tend not to pick specialist batsmen but we do pick specialist bowlers.

"Usually in limited overs format you are expecting your best players to be adaptable.

"We're all well aware that some of our players are better suited to English and Australian conditions, however we play a lot of cricket out in India and we are very determined to get better at it."

Flower was visibly upset, not just at the 5-0 scoreline but with the final lacklustre performance in Kolkata that brought back memories of his first game in charge of the national side. Flower was shaken by a Test match in 2009 against the West Indies when England were dismissed for 51 to lose the game and the series.

Since that tour England have not lost any of the nine series they've played and now stand as the World's No.1 team.

If the same can come of this result in India for the one-day side then it won't have been a total waste.

"I thought we'd learnt our lesson here three years ago," said team director Flower (above, right). "We clearly haven't.

"We have come up way short on delivering a different skill of placing spin out here and knowing how to attack it, and also delivering those skills under pressure. …