Sick Welcome Op-Out Organ Donation System

Article excerpt

Byline: Simon Gaskell

TRANSPLANT patients in South Wales have backed a Welsh Government white paper that could mean families have no legal right to stop their relatives' organs being donated.

First Minister Carwyn Jones and Health Minister Lesley Griffiths unveiled a white paper for an opt-out organ and tissue donation system yesterday.

If the proposals became law Wales would become the first nation in the UK to introduce presumed consent.

Under the scheme anyone unwilling to donate their organs after death would need to make a clear indication it was their wish to be exempted.

Speaking at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales (UHW) transplant ward yesterday, the First Minister said he hoped to give more people a greater chance of life.

Mr Jones said: "Today's the day we say in Wales we want to be sure more and more people have a chance of life."

Ms Griffiths announced the soft opt-out system would apply to people aged 18 and above who had both lived and died in Wales.

Meanwhile, the paper puts forward four methods of recording people's donation wishes.

They are: a register of persons not objecting, and objecting; a register of persons only not objecting; a register of persons only objecting; no registers but a record of objection given to and held by GPs. …