This Is an Open Letter to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. My Name Is Janis Just, and I Am a Political Science Student at UCT. I Attended the Full Proceedings of the Tribunal as I Am Covering It on Behalf of a German Newspaper

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This is an open letter to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. My name is Janis Just, and I am a political science student at UCT. I attended the full proceedings of the tribunal as I am covering it on behalf of a German newspaper.

I attended in my individual capacity and am not part of any specific political or religious lobby group.

On November 7 I attended the post-tribunal press conference. Organisers of the Russell Tribunal recognised me from a different press conference last week where I asked a question about Hamas's violations of human rights. When attempting to ask a question this time, the organisers called me a "serious heckler" and a "Zionist activist". The first accusation is patently untrue as I did not engage in any heckling whatsoever. As to the second accusation, I have no problem wearing this title.

However, their labelling of me as a "Zionist activist" was their attempt to delegitimise my argument and me as a person. This is not only against any democratic convention, but is contrary to the stated intention of the Russell Tribunal itself - which is to hear all evidence and seek the truth. …