The 3th National Book Awards Honors Best Book of 2010

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - A sage once said that "books are the legacies that genius leaves to mankind." The Philippines has a treasure trove of reading materials that continue to inform and educate a large segment of the population.

There is a nationwide system of libraries and reading centers, especially in the rural areas, where books and magazines of various genres - arts and culture, history, children's books, architecture, literature, novels, plays, poetry, short stories, social science, reference, theater, visual arts, science and sports - are available for Filipino readers.

The government, with the support of private groups, is continuously working to translate books with indigenous authorships, scientific and technical books and literary masterpieces into various Philippine dialects. The best books published in the Philippines and outstanding publishers are recognized every year during the annual National Book Awards.

On November 12, 2011, the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and Manila Critics Circle (MCC) will hand out the 30th National Book Awards at the National Museum of the Filipino People to the best Philippine books published in 2010, as well as to outstanding publishers. …