As a Graduate of UCT, and Formerly a Senior Faculty Member of the Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, I Found Professor Andrew Nash's Fanciful Piece, "Cloaking Oppression in Legitimacy", (Cape Times, August 10) Loaded with Inaccurate Generalisations and Half Truths

Article excerpt

As a graduate of UCT, and formerly a senior faculty member of the Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, I found Professor Andrew Nash's fanciful piece, "Cloaking oppression in legitimacy", (Cape Times, August 10) loaded with inaccurate generalisations and half truths.

Apparently, by some sleight of hand and devilishly cunning manipulation of the legal instruments of their liberal democracy, the oppressed Palestinians are entrapped and disempowered by the evil Israelis.

Because the views expressed by Professor Nash are so fashionable in South Africa, with a bevy of ANC leaders, law professors and retired judges and clergymen of standing trumpeting the above narrative at every opportunity, let me offer some important historical context and balance to the story.

The problem of the Arab refugees from Palestine (750 000), and Jewish refugees in greater number from Arab countries (850 000), resulted from the invasion of six Arab armies, coinciding with the declaration of Israel's independence in 1948.

Since and including 1948, every setback for the Palestinians has followed an act of belligerence by the Arabs, undertaken with the intention of destroying Israel.

The original proposals of partition in accordance with the 1947 United Nations resolution, offered the Arabs a substantially larger share than the Jews who, nevertheless, accepted the offer while the Arabs refused. Each rejection of compromise, the default response of the Arab leadership up to the present day, with repeated acts of belligerency, has left the Arabs worse off than before. …