Incredibly Dangerous Adventures in Heaven & Darkness!

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In Heaven, Underground

Release Date: November 18

A cemetery may seem an unlikely subject for a film, but with In Heaven, Underground, a German documentary, director Britta Wauer traces the history of Berlin's Weissensee Jewish Cemetery. Built in 1880, it is one of Europe's oldest still-used Jewish cemeteries, and the resting place of more than 115,000 Jews. Death looms, but as the film's characters--an Israeli ornithologist, a British rabbi and a German Holocaust survivor among them--visit the headstones of their relatives in the forestlike cemetery, what emerges is a picture of a graveyard brimming with life.

A Dangerous Method

Release Date: November 23 Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but is a love affair ever just a love affair? A Dangerous Method, directed by David Cronenberg, follows the tangled relationships of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Sabina Spielrein, a Jewish woman who was Jung's patient-turned-paramour and later became one of the first female psychoanalysts. The film, starring Keira Knightley as Spielrein and Viggo Mortensen as Freud, is adapted from screenwriter Christopher Hampton's 2002 play The Talking Cure, itself a reworking of John Kerr's 1993 nonfiction book, A Most Dangerous Method. Based on real events, the movie examines the power of attraction and desire, and the thorny ethical dilemmas posed by transgressing the delicate boundaries of the patient-doctor relationship.

In Darkness

Release Date: December 9

Con artists, thieves and sewer workers make up the melange of characters of In Darkness, a Polish film based on the true story of Leopold Socha (Robert Wieckiewicz), a petty thief who protects Jews living in the sewers of Nazi-occupied Lvov m exchange for cash. Although at the outset Socha's motivations are purely financial, he eventually forms an emotional attachment to his clients, providing them with food and moving them from hiding spot to hiding spot even when their money runs out. Moral ambiguities abound in Polish director Agnieszka Holland's film, whose victimized Jewish characters are, in some cases, swindlers, and whose Polish hero is far from angelic.






The Adventures of Tintin

Release Date: December 21

Tintin, hero of the mid-20th-century series of classic comic books. …