India Warn of 2012 Boycott over Sponsor; Olympics

Article excerpt

Byline: JONATHAN McEVOY Olympics Correspondent

INDIA have threatened to boycott London 2012 over Dow Chemical's sponsorship of the Games.

Dow will pay for and make the [pounds sterling]7million wrap -- the fabric that goes around the metal skeleton at the top of the Olympic Stadium. The Indian Olympic Association are angry as Dow now own the Bhopal pesticide plant that leaked in 1984, costing thousands of lives.

The IOA will vote on December 5 whether to boycott the Games following a petition signed by past and present athletes. VK Malhotra, the IOA's acting president, said: 'Many Olympic athletes are upset that Dow is sponsoring the London Olympics and they want to boycott.'

However, a London 2012 spokeswoman said: 'We have had absolutely no indication from the IOA that there are any plans or discussions to boycott London 2012.'

The International Olympic Committee said: 'Reports of a boycott are not accurate. The IOC would of course oppose a boycott, as ultimately the only people hurt by actions like these would be the athletes themselves. The IOC recognises that the Union Carbide Bhopal Gas disaster in 1984 was a tragic event. …