DISABLED KIDS' TOYS STOLEN BY BURGLARS; Games and DVD Players Taken from Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Article excerpt

Byline: Duncan Gibbons

CRUEL burglars have stolen toys and games used by disabled children who undergo treatment at a Coventry charity.

Portable DVD players, handheld games consoles and a laptop computer were taken from the Mercia MS Therapy Centre.

Children with cerebral palsy and autism regularly visit the centre in Macefield Close, Aldermans Green, for oxygen treatment. Many play computer games or watch films while they sit in the centre's special hyperbaric chamber for more than an hour at a time. Centre manager Zoe Seville-Edden said: "It's sad that someone would break into a charity and take items that are used by children with disabilities. "It seems even worse that it's happened just before Christmas." It is believed the burglars cut through a metal security fence before forcing a fire door at about 6.30pm on Saturday. The alarm went off and police arrived a short time later, but the offenders had already fled with two Bush DVD players, two Nintendo DS consoles and a Samsung laptop. …