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The Perfect Irish Man, 10pm, RTE Two

THERE was a time when a shave and splash of aftershave was all a bloke before a night out, but these days fellas spend a fortune on cosmetics. In this Joe O'Shea looks at how Irish men paying more attention to their appearance and doling out for moisturisers, fake and chest waxing.


Dancing Queens: Ireland's Disco Kids, 9pm, TV3

WHEN John Travolta took to the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever, millions of fans tried to emulate his moves. This programme profiles pupils at a trio of dance schools as they hone their skills for Dancer of the Year 2011.


Rev, 9pm, BBC2

RICHARD E. GRANT (pictured with Tom Hollander) guest stars as a wealthy but morally impoverished banker in the fifth episode of this bittersweet comedy. With a hole in the parish accounts, Nigel on his back, and the archdeacon due to check the church funds in two days' time, Adam's desperation leads him to a very dark place.


The Manor Reborn, 9pm, BBC1

PAUL MARTIN travels to China to see an exotic wallpaper being made, while Penelope Keith gets the lowdown on the Georgians, as the series following the makeover of crumbling Avebury Manor continues. …