Ex-Boss Who Cost Council [Pounds Sterling]2m Seeks More Cash

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Doughty Social Affairs Correspondent

A FORMER council chief who has cost taxpayers more than [pounds sterling]2million in a lengthy legal dispute yesterday demanded more cash.

Christine Laird, who has not worked since she took sick leave with stress more than seven years ago, claims she is still owed more than [pounds sterling]100,000.

Mrs Laird, 55, joined Cheltenham Borough Council in 2002 but fell out with its political leaders and became ill in 2004. Her employment ceased a year later.

The council later lost a costly High Court case in which they accused her of failing to disclose a history of mental health problems.

Afterwards, the local authority apologised for wasting [pounds sterling]2.1million of public money and a judge declared: 'I very much hope that a line can now finally be drawn.'

Mrs Laird, 55, now has an income of [pounds sterling]56,000 a year, made up from a pension of [pounds sterling]47,000, disability allowance of [pounds sterling]8,000 and a [pounds sterling]1,000 a year discretionary allowance. …