Haircut Husbandry; LETTERS

Article excerpt

WOULD you let your husband cut your hair (Mail)? That brought back memories for us.

My husband and I were newly married in 1965, living in a flat in Nottingham. Working in an office for the civil service, I was surrounded by fashionable young people like myself -- but my hair was straight. I used to scrape it into curls on top of my head, but it meant wearing jumbo curlers in bed, to the horror of my new husband.

One day I made an appointment to have my hair cut and shaped, but I didn't know what I wanted and relied on the male hairdresser. I was 6ft tall and slim but hated my figure: I didn't realise it was fashionable.

I came out of the hairdressers with a Mary Quant style: short one side and even shorter the other. I loved it. But on the way home on the bus I felt everyone staring at me (I was very shy). …