If That Baby Starts Bawling, I'll Put It in the Overhead Locker; Funny, Outrageous and Darnright Rude. Who's in Liz Jones' Firing Line This Week?

Article excerpt


THERE is a big row raging in the U.S., following a New York Times piece which ventured that perhaps taking babies on aeroplanes is not a good idea. The newspaper revealed that Japanese babies never cry on planes, as their parents never yell at them. Also, that before baby boomers, no self-respecting parent ever took a baby on a plane. (This is true. My first flight was aged 15, from Southend to Jersey.)

The backlash from the lactating women currently enjoying a year off has been vicious. On mum blogged: 'I need to act really sorry that I'm even on the plane, then act sorry I chose to have a kid, sorrier even that I don't live closer to where I've chosen to go, and sorry that I need to take these little monsters with me.'

The truth is, it's single, childfree women who are discriminated against, not women who always get to board first and nab the seat with more leg room.

I was once watching Sex And The City 2 on a plane when the woman behind me tapped my head, and asked that I watch something else in case her child could see the content through the gap between the seats. Put it in a blindfold!

And then there are the Christmas ads, which always have a cute child at the core -- as if the single among us don't deserve so much as a mince pie. …