Joan and Melissa Rivers's Chanukah Gift Guide

Article excerpt

Byline: Melissa Goldstein

Hilarious holiday picks from the mother-daughter duo.

MELISSA: Michael Kors iPhone 4 Clutch

"It's your essentials and your phone. It's the greatest thing ever. I fell in love with Michael Kors on the original Fashion Police. And I covet his clothes. He's right up there for me with Calvin Klein and Donna Karan." $80;

JOAN: Stuffed Tiger

"I was once given a giant life-size stuffed tiger in a hotel lobby in Philadelphia--it had an open mouth and they said to me, 'It's to hold magazines!' And I said, 'Are you fucking crazy?' But it's a good gift to give someone to get their attention--they'll talk about you for years." $818;

MELISSA: Same Sky Bracelets

"That layering-of-bracelets thing is a trend that's not going away. And every year I always try to find a gift that gives back. A lot of times people make a donation in your name, but you still like to have a present to open. …