Sex Crimes Left out of SNP's Statistics

Article excerpt

Byline: Graham Grant Home Affairs Editor

Anger over exclusion of rape and assault figures OFFICIAL crime figures were massaged by the SNP to cover up soaring numbers of sex offences.

Rape and indecent assault were excluded from statistics released by the Scottish Government.

The admission sparked protests from a rape victim and opposition politicians.

Tracey Wilson, who was raped by an armed intruder in her own home, said: 'By excluding sex crime, the Scottish Government has belittled victims.' Scottish Tory chief whip John Lamont said the SNP's deliberate omission of sexual offending could 'significantly' distort crime data. He added: 'It is remarkable that the Scottish Government were so willing to state that crime had fallen in this survey when the results of sexual offences were still to be received.

'As the number of crimes of this nature rose last year, it is especially important that they are included.' Scottish Government officials admitted their research had missed out sex crimes - but claimed asking victims about sex ordeals had been deemed too 'insensitive'.

Earlier Scottish Government data showed sexual offending was on the increase, with rape and attempted rape up by 14 per cent in the past year.

But the Scottish Government crime survey - which logged the views of members of the public about crime they have suffered - missed out all sexual offending.

The exclusion of sex crimes from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2010-11 is the latest attempt by the SNP to back up its claim that Scotland is 'becoming safer' - despite rising violent crime.

The survey showed 61 per cent of crimes are unreported but Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill trumpeted other data in the survey, which questioned 13,000 adults in Scotland, showing an apparent fall in crime. He said: 'Scotland is becoming safer. Violent crime is down, fewer Scots are likely to become victims of crime and the risk of crime is lower in Scotland than in England and Wales. …