Benedictine Named One of Safest Schools in the State

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Byline: Phil Brozynski Benedictine University submission

You would not expect to find much crime in the cornfields of west central Illinois or among the sprawling prairies of eastern Illinois.

But according to, you are just as safe in Lisle as you are in some of the remotest regions of the Land of Lincoln., a leading website for college information, has released a new ranking of the safest colleges and universities in the United States. Benedictine University was ranked 34th in the nation and fifth in Illinois but tops among the state's four-year colleges and universities based on a study of statistics provided in 2010.

The results did not surprise officials at Benedictine, which is one of only 10 colleges and universities in Illinois with its own fully-empowered police department.

"We address safety (so) our students can study and learn without concern and preoccupation of safety," said Marco Masini, associate vice president for student life. "Parents appreciate our proactive initiatives so their sons and daughters can earn their diplomas at Benedictine University." analyzed crime statistics for 450 colleges and universities and assigned a safety rating to each school. Safety ratings are determined based on the number of occurrences of major crimes on campus, and then are weighed based on the probability of each incident happening to each student since larger campuses would be expected to have a higher number of incidents.

Violent crime is given more weight in the ranking system, and has a greater effect on the safety rating than nonviolent crime such as theft. …