Website Content Key to Attracting Search Engines

Article excerpt

Joanne Osmond speaks to many of us when she says, "A lot of people who know their trade well really don't know websites."

Osmond's trade is websites.Fortunately, she knows them well.

Osmond is president of Market Drafters Inc., a Lake Villa firm that designs websites for small businesses. Her designs are based on templates that are less expensive than original graphics.

Most of Osmond's sites are self-managed, which means business owners can do many of their own changes. Once chosen and adapted to a particular business' needs, the design template isn't changeable, but text, Osmond says, is easy to change.

If you have a modicum of Internet ability and a little time, you may not need Osmond, or someone like her, to make your website more effective.Even so, her approach is worth noting.

"We spend a lot of time on the balance between what looks good and what will attract a search engine," explains Osmond.She also pays attention to site navigation, "so someone can find the information they want with one or two clicks."

If site visitors can't easily find the information they seek, Osmond says they simply leave.

Your site must be visually appealing, Osmond says.

To her, that's "one font, with the same colors and same design on every page."Photos help, especially, Osmond says, before and after shots of a cabinet refacer's work or the exterior of an attorney's office building."If I see the building, I know where to go," she says. …