Real Marriage Built for Children; Government Role Isn't Granting Liberty but Nurturing Best Opportunity for Kids

Article excerpt

Byline: Andresen Blom and James Bell, SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Proponents of same-sex marriage typically ask a rhetorical question that serves as a simple leftist argument: Why should people of the same sex who love each other be banned from getting married? Conservatives at times have struggled to find a simple and cogent answer. But the true answer is simple: Society cannot afford the culture war that would come with a new same-sex marriage entitlement.

It is time for conservatives to expose the four underlying false assumptions buried in the leftist argument. The first false assumption is that the institution of marriage is designed for the benefit of adults rather than children and society. The second is that forcing the government to legally recognize same-sex marriage as a public good whose partners are entitled to benefits constitutes an exercise in liberty rather than a claim of entitlement. The third is that the government has the theological expertise necessary to certify who loves each other and who does not. The fourth is that government recognition of same-sex marriage would end the dispute.

Men and women have a psychological, spiritual and biological complementarity called conjugality. This conjugality can bear fruit at conception in the life of a baby and at the raising of a child in the natural and ideal launching pad for the child's pursuit of happiness. The legal recognition of conjugal or traditional marriage (between a man and a woman) seeks to protect the likelihood that a child will be raised by his or her biological parents. In other words, conjugal marriage is designed for the benefit of children, not the benefit of adults.

Certainly, single parents make heroic efforts to raise their children and should be commended for their work. Many children lose their parents because of tragedies and end up being adopted by others. Other conjugal marriage partners for reasons of choice or for medical reasons never have children. All of this is inevitable in a free society. But none of it justifies the state creation of a same-sex-marriage institution that can never under any circumstances give children the intended benefit of being raised by a mother and a father.

Unlike conjugal marriage, which is designed to protect the rights of children, provide stability for society and propagate the future of the nation, the same-sex marriage the left wants the government to recognize would exist for the sake of the adults, an alleged issue of liberty. However, liberty constitutes government staying uninvolved and allowing people to pursue their own desires. In same-sex marriage, the government proactively creates the institution of same-sex marriage, recognizes it as a public good and confers legal benefits upon it. …